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Privacy Policy

At Herb Colours, we respect your privacy.


We may contact you via email to notify you regarding your account, to troubleshoot problems with your account, or to offer you specials or to send you updates about our company. 

When becoming a subscriber, we collect your Name and Email - that's it! 

Although we have a 'Phone Number' field, it is not a required field. If you are more comfortable receiving emails, simply leave the phone number field blank.

We may contact you by phone if:

1. You have given us your contact number (this is completely optional), 

2. If you have requested we call you to resolve an issue or answer your questions

3. If you have provided your number and we have an offer suitable for you

Tracking your details using cookies....we don't do it!

At Herb Colours, we contact our salons/hairdressers once they become customers or we contact new subscribers who have provided their email address. We don't use any sneaky or high-tech gadgets to get to you...we simply contact you via our subscriber list on information you provide.

Don't want to be subscribed to Herb Colours anymore? 

Simply email and provide your email address...we will remove you from being a subscriber.

If we change our Privacy Policy in future, all Subscribers of Herb Colours will be notified via email only.

Herb Colours Contact Details:

Herb Colours Pty. Ltd.

PO Box 3436
Victoria Point West
Queensland 4165

Ph: +61 7 3820 8833

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