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Here's what our salons and customers have to say

Jodie - Scissor Magik Hair Design 
As a salon owner and having previous toxicity overload illness, due to hairdressing, I was facing not being able to work anymore. I then dicovered Herb Colours and now I am able to have my Salon service lots of people who have allergies, sensitivities or just prefer to use natural products. I have used Herb Colour for 29yrs now and no reactions from myself or clients.....we are all able to have beautiful colours without comprising the condition of hair and everyone comments on how much better their hair feels!

Gloria Marrocco

Hi I'm Gloria, I started using Herb Colours about 13 years ago when I met Astrid and she has been supplying me with these amazing colours ever since. I now live in WA and still use these colours and I'm the only hairdresser in WA using them. They are safe to use for both Hairdresser and Client, coverage is fantastic and colours don't fade like other brands. I will ALWAYS use these colours because of the safety aspect and they do exactly what I want without compromising people's health. Thanks Astrid Berg for introducing me to this fantastic colour range xx

Tanya Hannaford - Client
I just wanted to say how impressed I am by the Herb Colours.
I am constantly getting compliments on how healthy and shiny my hair is. People comment that they remember me because of my hair.I am impressed by the fact that the only reason I get my hair cut now is because it is too long, not because I 'need it'.
I was a bit skeptical at first as you only put colour on the regrowth and didn't take it out to the ends, but the result is fantastic. I really like the fact that I no longer have bands of Colour.Thank you, thank you, thank you.​
​Nelda Walliss – Gel Nail Technician/Client
Thank you so much for the Herb Colours. As a nail technician and trainer, I have worked with and used products that have no harmful ingredients in them for the past 15 years. When I heard about the Herb Colours I felt this would complete my use of non-toxic products. The condition of my hair is great and the colour if fantastic.
Thank you again!
Helen Verhey and Tegan Ralf – Clients
​Thank you for introducing both myself & my daughter to safe & healthy products. Herb Colours are wonderful! When you told us you are using them, we jumped at the opportunity to be chemical free. The colours used in conjunction with safe non-toxic shampoos & conditioner, as well as every day products, is just what the world needs.
My daughter Tegan has people stop and ask her about her beautiful blonde hair. Both my daughter and I have used Herb Colours for over 5 years now, and we are very grateful to be toxin free. Great work!
You make us and the world a cleaner place, no chemicals for us.

Thank you

​Jo Kop - Client since 2002
I have been having my hair coloured with Herb Colours since 2002. My hair dresser has always used non-toxic products (Herb Colours plus Modere (formerly Neways) on my hair and the results speak for themselves. My hair is shiny, healthy and radiant. For me, using non toxic products is not negotiable.


Pia Robinson - Client
​I discovered Herb Colours about 12 months ago. Am THRILLED with the product. Coverage of grey is excellent and the colours have very natural look. Most importantly, I can see that the condition of my hair has improved markedly. There is a visible difference between the condition of the hair that was dyed with chemical dye, and the top section, on which I have used the Herb Colours. I am now slowly having the chemically treated hair cut off, and am really pleased with the improvement.

Astrid is a delight to deal with, efficient, friendly, and incredibly helpful regarding the product. Many of my friends have switched to Herb Colours, and they all feel as I do. Highly recommended.


​Leia Watford-Lowther - Health Practitioner/Client
I wish to formally thank you for introducing me to Herb Colours.
As a practitioner of traditional Chinese Medicine, the main focus of my approach to health is to be, and encourage those who attend my clinic to be, preventative. Thus I was relieved to find, after years of searching, colours that were not only effective but much safer than those available in most hair salons and retail stores.

I have used Herb Colours for about since 2004 and have no hesitation in recommending them to health conscious clients.
Again, a sincere thank you.

​Margaret Wilmink - Client
​I just wanted to thank you for introducing safe hair colouring to me. In the past I have always had trouble as I often felt sick and have a headache for a day or so after having my hair coloured. I couldn't believe that there was no smell and no stinging and the best thing is that my hair has stopped falling out.

Thanks, I'm impressed!


Studio X-pose - Brisbane QLD
​My name is Sioux Bradshaw, I have been Hairdressing 44yrs, For the past 10yrs i have been using HERB COLOURS on my clients hair.
There has been a great response to them, NO Ammonia, NO toxic Chemicals, NO Smells. My clients love them, as they colour the hair, rather than the scalp.
They DO NOT open the hair shaft to penetrate, so leaves the hair feeling soft, no build up. I feel much happier working with them as well, so much better for My health.
The best thing is they have a Fabulous shine and Reflects in the hair. I Most assuredly recommend them to everyone to use.

Jean McDonald-Smith – Customer
​Thank you for introducing me to Herb Colours!
During my 16 year hairdressing career as both a successful Salon Owner and Part Time TAFE Teacher, I have never before experienced such outstanding results. I am most impressed that there is no staining or scalp irritation, and more importantly, the colour vibrancy, shine and coverage are truly exceptional!
Above all else, with the increasing environmental and toxic concerns of the world, it is very reassuring to discover that these colours are the safest available formulations today.
It is great Herb Colours has NO Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Phenylendediumine, Hydroxyanisole, Ammonia or Coal Tars which are fast becoming common concerns for hairdressing professionals and their clients today.

Thank you once again.

Tony Mitchell Hair – Indooropilly, QLD
​Herb Colours have been great for business. It provides a natural alternative for out clients who are concerned about the type of hair colour products that is being applied to their hair and scalp.

Organic Hair Solutions – Cranbrook QLD
As a hairstylist, I traveled the world looking for a colour system that was more human friendly. After living and working in England and Bermuda for 12 years I found nothing.
When I came back home to Australia, one of Astrid's clients asked me to use the Herb Colours on her hair and the results were shiny, healthy, vibrant, non-toxic hair colour that had no smell and I loved it so much I ordered it in and never looked back and all my clients rave about it!

Shanene's Hair Health & Wellness – Aspley QLD
​Prior to using the Herb Colours, I suffered headaches, chemical dermatitis and asthma. I am very happy with the results the colours and products give, and with no toxic ingredients, it is healthier for both myself and my clients.
I'm not only contributing to better health for myself and clients, but also doing my little bit for the environment.

La Moda Hair Studio – Bundaberg QLD
I have an organic salon in Bundaberg, I've been in the hairdressing business now for 19 years, 15 of those using chemical hair products. Since discovering the Herb Colours range 4 years ago while in the U.K whilst on a working holiday, I could never return to the old chemical way of hairdressing.
The fact that the colours are so easy to use, non-toxic, no fading, no odour (the list goes on and on), the clients are so satisfied with the results which keeps them coming back for more and we receive a lot of compliments. My staff and myself can highly recommend the use of the herb colour range, the products are an asset to any successful hair salon.
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