Herb Colours Ingredients

Base Ingredients (apply to all colours)

Rhubarb Extract: Natural extract from Chinese rhubarb.It calms scalp irritation and provides yellow colouring for hair.     

Aloe Vera: Natural extract from Aloe Barbadensis plant, originates from the Mediterranean and is known for its soothing effect. Antiseptic tonic.

Walnut Extract: Natural extract from walnuts, astringents/black colouring for hair. It is traditionally used topically for its soothing and anti-itch properties as well as against sunburns and other superficial burns. It can be used in cases of acne and skin disease because of its fungi static and astringent properties. Though extracts are obtained from the leaves and bark, the oil is extracted from the ripe nut.     

Cinchona Extract: Natural extract from Cinchona, tonic, astringent/antiseptic for the scalp. It is a major source of quinine. Cinchona has long been known for its tonic, antiseptic and astringent properties. It has commonly been used as a remedy for malaria and fever in tropical areas. If used in large quantities, Cinchona may cause headaches and nausea in those allergic to it.

Nonoxinol 6/4: Organic extract, an emulsifier.  

M Aminophenol: Organic extract, colour for hair.

P-Phenylenediamine (PPD): From 0.8% – 1.2% depending on the shade. This is the absolute minimum amount to hold colour in the hair.
NOTE: The European community standards accept concentrations up to 6% 


Sodium Metabisulfite: Organic extract. An organic salt used as an antiseptic and a PH adjuster in cosmetic creams. Concentrated solutions can cause strong irritation.

O Aminophenol: Organic extract, colour for hair.    

EDTA: Organic extract (ethylendiamine tetracetic acid), preservative.

Ethanolamine: Organic extract not from animal origin, an emollient.  

Etidronic Acid:Organic extract, stabilizer.

Gylcol: Organic, an emollient.
Hydrogen Peroxide: Chemical, a bleaching and oxidizing agent, detergent and antiseptic. It is generally recognized as a safe preservative, germ killer, and skin bleacher in cosmetics. If used undiluted, it may cause burns to the skin and mucous membranes.     


Water: Water is an important skin component and is essential for its proper functioning. It is the most common ingredient used in formulations and therefore is generally listed first on product labels

Added Ingredients (Apply to some select colours)


  • aminophenol 4 sulfonic acid,

  • sodium metabisulfite,

  • 2 amino 3 hydroxypiridine,

  • 1.5 dihydroxynaphtalene,

  • meadowfoam oil,

  • Echinacea angustfolia extract

  • p-aminophenol, betula alba leaf extract,

  • aloa barbadensis extract,

  • 2.4 diaminophenoxyethanol HLC,

  • tetrasodium (EDTA)

  • hamamelis Virginian extract